Traditionally smudge feathers are used to move the herbal or incense smoke to the intended space, circle, or person, to cleanse, purify, heal oneself, or bless/consecrate a sacred objects such as crystals, and altar tools. On most feathers, the white part represents the good and purity of a space, object or person, and the black tip, is the bad energy that has been transferred and absorbed by the feather. It is said that leaving a smudge feather by your front door or window, will protect the occupants from all harm and evil.


No bird has been killed or places in danger to obtain the feathers we work with, and they are 100 % cruelty free and handmade by the "Wacky Wife" when possible, or the Wizard himslef. They are slowly gathered from our front and back yard whenever our feather friends decide to bless us with a gift. We also get them from friends that collect them in their walks and from a couple of friends that own ranches, were they have free range chicken, ducks, geeses, roosters and plenty of wild turkeys. Our local chicken farm also rescues and houses a lot of different type of free range birds. If in great need, and we are running short, they are then purchase from a reputable supplier at a very costly price, like our Peacock feathers, which are difficult to find. After we get them, they are gently washed with soapy water, treated with a mixture of essential oils (to kill eggs and bugs in them), colored (some), rinsed and either tumble dried or laid in the sun to dry. For the most part (unless purchased), your feathers will be chemical and toxic free, with no residue of commercial feather treatments. 

We use white and light colored chicken feathers and color them, to accentuate the finished work on the smudging feathers, and in some cases color markers. 






The Peacock:

In the old days, some cultures thought Peacock Feathers represented the evil eye and where considered unlucky. Today, they are associated with mystery, good luck, serenity, protection, romance and illusion. In gypsy magick, the eye of the peacock feather, represents the protective eye, and the eye that can foresee beyond, what the human eye can see. Their message is to gaze within to where true beauty is to be found. They are said to be good luck and help gain sight when used spiritually or carried with you. Cruelty Free Peacock feathers means NO peacocks has been plucked or killed for their feathers. The male Peacock will naturally and constantly shed these precious gifts, specially during their mating season, as they like to show of their power and beauty to the ladies, by flaring up their tails.