We are focused in providing you with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and we strive to deliver a product that is:

natural*** cruelty free*** organic***wild harvested***chemicals free***free of petrochemicals***free of parabens***free of phthalates. 

All of our products are Vegetarian and we are slowly working on being 100% Vegan. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Our teas, and medicinal salves are made in small batches, but mostly custom made the day you order. We will not have our goods sitting on shelves loosing their botanical and medicinal value, specially our teas, this is why they are not mixed until the day you order. Herbs and oils that are coming close to an expiration day, are moved onto other valuable ways of usage, given as gifts, or offered back to mother earth. We use the old methods of Sterilization on our jars to ensure that you get only natural products and no chemical residue. Our skin products, creams, salves & ointments, are achieved with a double & triple solar infusion of herbs. This is a longer and more costly method, being that we use fresh herbs for each individual infusion, but in turn, we give you a higher and more intense outcome. During the winter months if we run out of one of our oils, we use the oven/stove method, with meticulous care to not loose the medicinal value and strength of the herbs. As an added bonus, every stone, jewelry piece, soap, herb, salve etc,…have been empowered by the moon, with the good intent of cleansing, purifying, bringing you positive energy, love and healing. Our Scrying mirrors have undergone a family ritual of cleansing herbs, moon water, crystals and silver and are ready for your personal blessing.



A B O U T   O U R   P R O D U C T S

A sprinkle of herbs, a sparkle of spice, a pinch of bouquet, we blend it all twice.

There's a reason why she calls him the Wizard, his skills are endless. His passion for gardening and growing organic products, are shown daily in their home, and they are passed right on to you with love. Never pesticides or chemicals of any kind are used nowhere near their garden. Instead, he hand picks little worms, and insects and puts them elsewhere, or promotes the Praying Mantis & other insects to do their work.

The wacky wife, a long time business owner and teacher. Creating, updating and perfecting recipes to bring to you and your loved ones. By profession, a healer, banker, esthetician, nurse, holistic practitioner, clinical aromatherapist & herbalist, crafter, and cook. Her studies began at a young age in the Patagonia, with her knowledgeable Grandmother, known for her healing elixirs, and her step father a well know Orthopedic and Neurosurgeon. Her old ancestors healing recipes, have been honored and kept safely since the 18 hundreds.

She was in business since 1989 under the name of Holistic Touch “A Stress Relief Clinic”, providing clients with services, relieving and teaching pain management, aromatherapy, medical massage, medicinal herbs, massage classes, soap & candle making, and how to create salves, lotions and potions. Due to a gradual debilitating disability, she is now retired but still using her skills to bring magic to your homes. Recipes that have been successfully used for many years, and some greatly improved to keep up with the times. Products have been tested for years by family, clients, friends, and never on animals. Since a young child, one thing was instilled in her,... Quality, Pesticide Free and/or Organic. This strong inspiration has been reason enough to grow their own herbs, fruits, vegetables, and spices. From these, they make solar oil infusions, tinctures, medicinal salves, soaps etc. When not available or in season, they rely on some reputable companies that carry Certified Organic products. Our Organic & Wild Harvested Essential Oils, come from all over the world with certification and from small reputable farms who dedicate their time to extracting the finest and purest of oils. Lucky enough to have kept her contacts and friendships abroad, the Wacky wife has managed a way to bring some of these products home, cutting the middleman and passing the savings on to you, whenever possible.  

May you always be blessed with Love, Light and Health. 





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