Dragon Vein Agate Pendulum (Sapphire Blue) with 18" heavy chain

19mm stone with 18" heavy chain. Can be worn as a choker.

Comes in a velvet Bag with Pendulum Card.

Dragon Vein AGATE (Sapphire)

Eases Depression, Promotes Joy, restore emotional balance & harmony, sharpens mental clarity, heighten creative visualization, promoting strength and energy.
Is a powerful emotional healer. Legend says that Agate improves memory and concentration, increases stamina and encourages honesty.
What is a Pendulum and how do I cleanse my crystals & stones??
For centuries it has been thought and discovered, that gemstones, crystals and stones are full of energy, so therefore a pendulum is only a stronger extension of our own energy. Connected to the right gemstones, it can guide us towards the correct answers we seek. In the old and present days Pendulums are used to detect oil, water and all kinds of hidden treasures, and with surprising accuracy.
Using a more refined gemstone as a pendulum, is simply a better tool or conductors. Crystals have endless uses and can be utilized for all your healing, spiritual and spell rituals. They are also used as amulets, & talismans, scrying, in mojo and protections bags, as sleep aids, healing jewelry, for purifying and cleansing a sacred space, healing & medicinal waters, protection, meditation, cast a circle, open portals, make anointing oils or elixirs etc.
Use in Magick to draw cosmic energy, work their energy and vibrations to enhance your spell work and intent, cast a circle, attach to the tip of your wand to send energy and intent to a specific point.
The seven colors of the rainbow can manifest the colors of our Aura & Chakras and it can affect our health, emotions and personality.

Sapphire Blue Dragon Vein Agate Pendulum

    Cleansing your crystals is important. When you first get your stone or crystal, It’s a good idea to wash them with a mild soap and water. You can then soak them in a salt water solution for a few hours, and place them by a sunny window, outside, or in the moonlight to charge them. Allthought, some crystal you may want to completely avoid putting them in salt wate. Crystals will retain other peoples energies, (and yours), so it is recommended you always cleanse them under running water, if you have used them on someone else and yourself included. Treat you crystals with harmony and respect. Love them, cleanse them, charge them, talk to them, touch them, and their energy and brightness shall guide you. Sounds crazy???? not at all, try it.

    All Crystal, & tumbled stones sold by The Magick Wizard have been cleansed, blessed and charged under moon


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