A beautiful Eternity Opalite and Swarovski necklace to hold close to your heart.
You receive a free pair of earrings to match the necklace, as a thank you gift.

Antique silver plated, with Opalite, Swarovski teardrop crystals, Athame and stars. Length is 23" chain and pendant alone is 4 1/2" x 1 3/4". You also receive a 20" black faux leather cord, should you choose to change the chain for a more casual look, and a thank you gift of matching Opalite & smaller Athame earrings.

The Athame is a double-edged ceremonial black-handled knife/dagger, used as a magickal ritual tool in Wicca and Neo Pagan traditions. It is mostly used to cast the Circle and as an instrument to direct and manipulate power & energy during rituals. It is commonly linked to the elements of fire and air and never used for cutting.

A wonderful gift to give the one you love, or for your favorite witch. Comes in a pouch or organza bag ready for gift giving.

Regularly priced at $28.95 on sale for $16.40

OPALITE (Milky Iridescent man made stone)
Strength, Meditation, Scrying, Peace, Business Success, Wealth, Serenity, Hope, Stress, Anxiety, Enhances Psychic Abilities.

Crown Chakra~ Opens the Third Eye

Known as “The Stone of Eternity”, Opalite, brings peace within, helps us gain knowledge, can stabilize mood swings, increase self-esteem, bring stress levels down, and help sooth emotional instability. It is a great stone for Meditation and Scrying as it enhance psychic abilities, induce visions, heightens spiritual awareness, astral travel and communication with the unknown. Opalite also encourage lucid dreaming, enhance intuition, and can be paired with other stones to reflect and amplify their vibrational frequencies. Also known as “The Merchant Stone” and useful for business success and wealth. Physically it helps us overcome exhaustion and fatigue. Opalite is a man made crystal. Opalite is a manmade stone achieved by using opalized glass resin, fuse

Vintage Eternity Opalite, Athame & Stars necklace

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