Yellow Jasper Pendulum or Necklace SALE

Actual stones averages 1 3/4”.

Single Chain Pendulum is 9" + Charm+ pendulum wand (Aprox. total length 12 to 13")
Necklace is a 32" chain. Comes in a velvet bag with a Pendulum card.

JASPER YELLOW Connection to Mother Earth, Protection, Detoxify. Supports the Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras.

A “supreme nurturer”, that sustains and supports during times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Yellow Jasper aids and protects during all spiritual work and it’s a great gift to give a traveler. Physically, it can help detox and cleanse the internal organs, including the gall bladder, intestines and liver. It also helps to absorb pain, relieve indigestion, nausea and strengthen the immune system.

What is a Pendulum and how do I cleanse my crystals & stones??

For centuries it has been thought and discovered, that gemstones, crystals and stones are full of energy, so therefore a pendulum is only a stronger extension of our own energy. Connected to the right gemstones, it can guide us towards the correct answers we seek. In the old and present days Pendulums are used to detect oil, water and all kinds of hidden treasures, and with surprising accuracy.

Using a more refined gemstone as a pendulum, is simply a better tool or conductors. Crystals have endless uses and can be utilized for all your healing, spiritual and spell rituals. They are also used as amulets, & talismans, scrying, in mojo and protections bags, as sleep aids, healing jewelry, for purifying and cleansing a sacred space, healing & medicinal waters, protection, meditation, cast a circle, open portals, make anointing oils or elixirs etc.

Use in Magick to draw cosmic energy, work their energy and vibrations to enhance your spell work and intent, cast a circle, attach to the tip of your wand to send energy and intent to a specific point.

The seven colors of the rainbow can mani

Yellow Jasper~ Choose~Pendulum or Necklace


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