We are a small business and very proud of the extra steps we take to please our clients. Your satisfaction and positive comments mean the world to us.

Please understand, we only mark our prices 15% to 20% above wholesale.



We ask you to please be sure of what you are ordering prior to payment. Also depending on the quantity you are ordering, we require time to make and process these items, specially during the holidays. There's a difference between ordering 1 or 2 items vs. 150.

We are unable to provide refunds or exchanges on any and all custom-orders. This involves extra materials, packaging, and items we do not have in stock, requiring a large special order of supplies. Our suppliers will not take back anything paid for in advance, therfore we can not return their products and we will not take a loss. All large orders for resale, events, wedding, etc.. are subject to an additional handling fee for weight and packaging. There will be NO REFUNDS, RETURNS or CANCELLATIONS once you have paid. The moment you pay for your order, we immediately order the supplies required to fulfill your order. At that moment you are forfeiting any changes to your order/agreement and no refunds will be issued. This includes if you change your mind or want to change a style you previously agreed too.

We price our items only 15 to 20% above wholesale, not including our per item packaging. We will send photos for a final approval before mailing the items to you. Everything leaving our facility, goes through a top quality inspection by three different individuals, before anything is shipped to you. "If" your package was damaged during transit "IN THE USA", you must show proof with photos and immediatly contact USPS/UPS and file a complaint with them. We are not resposable for packages damaged during transit.

Please allow ample time on small or large custom orders.

On International orders there will be absolutly no returns of refunds on any order.



Orders will be shipped within 24-72 hours from the time it was placed, excluding weekends and holidays. Orders that are placed on Friday after 12:00 PM PST to Sunday 2:00 PM PST will ship on Monday. Orders placed after 3:00 PM PST on Sunday will ship on Tuesday or Wednesday. You will also receive an email with your tracking number from USPS when your order is shipped.
We ship internationally via USPS, due to being the least expensive and secure shipping available. Prices are calculate according to the closest weight and insurance is added for the value of the item being shipped. After your order has been processed, if you have overpaid in shipping and handling charges, the extras will be refunded to you.
After a year dealing with different shipping firms, we decided the United States Postal Services was the best option for us and our clients, and it gives us the opportunity to save you a few dollars.
Ground within the US, is delivered within 3-7 days business days starting from the day it is shipped, excluding weekends and holidays. Internationally 10 to 17 days. Priority Mail within the US, is delivered within 3-4 business days starting from the day it is shipped, excluding weekends and holidays. Internationally and if requested by you via private message, it takes 7 to 10 days. Any extra shipping charges that may be necessary, will be billed separately via PayPal invoicing.
We are not here to make money by charging you extra shipping costs. We calculate to the closest possible cent, and in some cases it is better, faster and safer to ship flat rate priority mail, but when the cost of the item is less than the shipment (like tumble stones), we find it difficult to swallow, so we try our very best to calculate the least expensive shipping method. We usually will pay for handling and insurance. If after weighing the final package, you have overpaid, all overages over $1, will be refunded to you.



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